A private fortress-like prison in a deserted landscape of the near future. Heavily armed guards, thick walls, total surveillance. No privacy. No hope. No escape. Outside, the danger of a final, annihilating thermonuclear war dominates humanity's psyche - and the lurid media exploits this foreboding. Inside the cavernous industrial-style fortress prison, with nowhere to go, the jailbirds seek sanctuary either in faith or in madness. Or both.

One inmate couldn´t care less. 5 million in cash - and the possibility of a bright, affluent future in the outside world - awaits his release. After six and a half years of imprisonment, neurotic inmate Morris looks forward to his discharge the next morning, planning to finally gain from the ingenious heist that landed him in this hellhole of a penal colony, surrounded by lunatics and outlaws. Jealously guarding the whereabouts of his loot throughout his captivity, he´s only got one problem: the booty is inside the fortress - and all the other greedy crooks know !

With his physically strong but simple-minded cell-mate Joe, and the affable but shady warden Nathan Hopkins at his side, Morris has been able to withstand all the coercion and misdeeds inflicted by fellow inmates - and even the reprisals of the suspicious guards - all who are desperately trying to force him to disclose his secret. Even Mad Vic - a deranged, maniacal and severely overused tattooist's sketchpad of a man - has been unable to pry the secret out of him.

Glorying in his ability to withstand the deceptions and misdeeds, and having fooled everyone, Morris is looking forward to his release the next morning. Only a few hours more and he is a free man! But as sirens suddenly begin to wail in the isolated fortress and chaos explodes in the prison´s corridors and cells, things don´t quite go according to plan ... and Morris is forced to make his final decision.

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Spielfilm, 53 Minuten, 2014

Die Science Fiction Satire REAL BUDDY ist das Ergebnis einer intensiven Zusammenarbeit von mehr als 300 Mitarbeitern vor und hinter der Kamera, die über mehrere Jahre hinweg an der Realisation einer einzigartigen und ungewöhnlichen Geschichte beteiligt waren. REAL BUDDY wurde auf internationalen Filmfestivals bereits mehrfach ausgezeichnet und wird in Kürze über einen der grossen Streamingdienste zu sehen sein.

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